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Over 30 years of experience




3 Employees

54 Employees




3 000 000

100 000 000

Processed stainless steel



30 ton

1000 ton

Number of cultivated onions



750 ton

0 ton

Production area



1000 sqm

3700 sqm




1 Nationalities

11 Nationalities

ISO 9001
& ISO 14001

IS Plåt is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 since 2014.

Quality Policy

IS Plåt specializes in manufacturing in stainless steel, everything from small details to complete machines. We also have extensive experience of manufacturing in aluminium, black and duplex. Our goal is to manufacture and sell products and services of the highest quality. We achieve this by striving for the following objectives:
• We must be flexible and responsive to the customer's needs and put the customer at the centre.
• The quality of our products and customer assignments must be such that we are perceived as competence-leading in our area of work, and that we are regarded as a confidence-inspiring partner.
• Our work must be characterized by each employee having sufficient competence and taking full responsibility for their own task as well as for the company's overall credibility as a reliable supplier.
• Our products must maintain high quality in terms of durability, finish and function, and thereby ensuring a service life that meets the customers’ requirements and expectations.
• We shall keep promised delivery times.
• We shall work preventively to avoid deviations and complaints.
• We shall work long-term with continual improvements of our routines to increase efficiency and achieve set goals. We must also comply with applied legislation and other requirements.

Environmental policy

IS Plåt AB specializes in manufacturing in stainless steel, everything from small details to complete machines. We see active environmental work as a matter of course in our daily operations.
• When purchasing machines, equipment, devices and vehicles, we shall choose alternatives that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. This strategy also applies to the purchase of raw materials in the form of metal, where we must choose suppliers with high environmental requirements.
• We shall actively work to minimize our consumption of fossil fuels linked to internal and external transportation by planning and coordinating these.
• We shall work to increase the proportion of renewable energy used in our business.
• We shall work with environmentally friendly residual and waste management within the company.
• We shall prevent pollution by maintaining equipment, machines and vehicles and by handling chemicals in a safe way to protect our common environment.
• We shall comply with internal and external requirements, applicable legislation and other binding requirements.
• We shall pursue long-term improvement work by engaging our staff and by developing our environmental management system and operations to improve our environmental performance.

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